Adarsh Nagar , Auto Market, Karnal

Learning is an enriching and enjoyable experience, and at VSSS we put our lectures “FIRST” I strongly believe that each and every child is “Unique and Special”. A good school empowers its students and provides theĀ  right atmosphere to be creative. Creativity improves theĀ  self-esteem, motivation and achievement for Children. Vidya Bharti is the largest non-government Educational Organization of India, which is controlling almost 26000 schools and colleges all over the counrty and abroad. This school is also a prestigious school of this organization. Today our schools need a shift in order to fulfill the taste of diversified, permanent quality education in a new emerging world where their adaptation has been incomplete. Undaunting in spirit and untiring in effort, the institution continues to soar a head taking its pupils to unraveled heights. I believe Vivekanand Sr. Sec. School will continue to ignite the cometitive spirit in every child to reach the Zenith. I hope and pray that all those who pass through the portals of this school may achieve excellence, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Dr. Parmod Kumar